Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Failures in Recruitment - Episode 11

Our recruiter set up a phone interview with a candidate. You can tell it was a phone interview because the meeting request had a phone number in the 'Location' and in the text it said, "I will call you at 1 pm."

The candidate shows up at our office at 12:55. Our recruiter was a little flummoxed. The candidate is wearing jeans, T-shirt, ball cap. Awkward. But the recruiter pulls through and does the interview like a champ. 

The candidate proceeds to tell our recruiter the story of how he was trained as a pharmacist but then spent 6 months with a testing guru learning the ways of QA and then was ushered across the seas to begin his career. Odd.

The candidate's resume doesn't have a last name. Their 12 letter first name is there so maybe that makes up for it. Their first name is also the first part of their gmail address, only missing a single letter right in the middle that makes no reasonable sense in its absence. Maybe this is correct but my QA brain says that maybe something is awry here.

Everything about this candidate says they will be the perfect addition as a client facing professional, no?

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