Thursday, December 4, 2014

Build Your Own Terminology - Knowhole

We've got a history of creating new terminology when we need it in my team.  Sometimes this goes well, sometimes not so much.  One of the most successful instances of this is the term Resolution Testing, referring, of course, to the validation of the resolution to a bug that has been fixed.  (or our vernacular term for same Babooning)

More recently we've come up with another term.  

The term is Knowhole.
It is defined as an odd hole in a person’s knowledge that would be considered in general to be common knowledge.

An example would be not knowing that unicorns had horns.
It evolved from the term Noah hole, for a co-op on my team who didn’t know that unicorns had horns.

The usage has expanded.  Here are some practical usages that I’ve heard:

You’ve never heard of the Ukraine?  That’s a pretty big knowhole.

Shove this in your knowhole.

Take this book and stick it in your knowhole. 

English is a beautiful language, let's help it blossom and grow. 

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